Recount 2016 / by John Ennis


Recounts Are Only as Good as They Are Allowed To Be

Why we need a recount VIDEO

Observers find tampered machines in Wisconsin

Alternet – Greens Heading to Federal Court to Seek Statewide Pennsylvania Recount

The Cap Times – Recounts will be needed until we adopt rigorous vote verification

Green party youtube discussion on recount effort

MediaEthics – Why the Exit Polls Sow Doubt About the Vote Count

WIRED – Hacked or not, audit this and all future elections

AlterNet – A Fair Election? Serious, Hard-to-Explain Questions Arise About Trump Vote Totals in 3 Key States

Former VP of Gallup on Value of Exit Polls

Rolling Stone – The GOP’s Stealth War Against Voters

Washington Post talks about the voter disenfranchisement that happened before election day.

The Guardian – Jill Stein raises over $2 million for recount

Dr. Alex Halderman – Want to know if the election was hacked? Look at the ballots.

Simple table of crucial exit polls vs. reported vote tallies.

Statistician calls for audit to address election hacking fears

Did the GOP Strip & Flip the 2016 Selection?

Experts Urge Clinton Campaign to Challenge Election Results in 3 Swing States

Read two articles about exit polls and Crosscheck in November 2016

USA Today – Still time for an audit

ABC News – Russian Hackers Targeted Half of States Voter Registration Systems (succeeded in four)

Did Voter ID had Wisconsin to Trump

Judge orders North Carolina to Restore Purged Voter Registrations

Greg Palast on GOP Effort to Remove African American Voter Rolls in Battleground State on Democracy Now

Foreign hacks reported by CNN in IL & AZFL, and elsewhere

Washington Post FBI investigating foreign hacks

Donald Trump Was Right: The Election Was Rigged – In His Favor