The Outsiders

Paul Hackett

Paul Hackett is a native Cincinnatian and graduate of Cleveland Marshall Law School. He built his law practice after leaving the United States Marine Corps as a captain where he worked as a criminal attorney.  Hackett lost a close Congressional race (OH-2) in 2005 for a special election.  Hackett won a murder acquittal for Sgt. Ryan Weemer in the POW shooting case.


Subodh Chandra

Subodh Chandra is a former federal prosecutor, big-city attorney and general counsel, law professor, and large-firm litigator in both Los Angeles and Cleveland.  In 2013 Chandra was appointed to Special Ohio Advisory Committee to the US Commission on Civil Rights.


Surya Yalamanchili "Chili"

Surya Yalamanchili was a brand manager at Procter & Gamble before appearing on the The Apprentice. After working at companies like LinkedIn, Chili quit his job in 2010 to run for Congress (OH-2). He's currently CEO of PublicStuff, a NYC-based company working to improve government-citizen interaction.